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Behavioral and Community-Based Research Services

Participant Recruitment and Retention
  • Use SCAN360* to identify geographical target areas for recruitment
  • Coordinate recruitment and retention strategies
  • Promote research through culturally-appropriate communication channels
  • Perform eligibility screening and consent study participants
Development of Culturally and Linguistically Competent Study Materials
  • Translate study materials into Spanish and/or Haitian Creole
  • Support field testing of study materials for cultural and linguistic relevance
  • Inform tailored promotional and other study materials
Data Collection and Management
  • Conduct focus groups
  • Transcribe focus groups and interviews
  • Administer surveys and qualitative interviews
  • Collect bio-fluid specimens
  • Support the development and maintenance of new REDcap projects for study specific data collection and e-consenting
Intervention Design and Implementation
  • Assist PIs with best practices for conducting community-based participatory research
  • Manage protocol post-Protocol Review Monitoring Committee and Institutional Review Board approval
  • Identify data to be captured and coordinate study activities
  • Support the development of intervention tools

Project Management

  • Oversee and supervise study team members and operations
  • Oversee and track study enrollment and progress
  • Coordinate study related trainings and meetings
  • Create reports
  • Assist with participant incentive disbursement and tracking
  • Provide general organization and logistic planning for the project
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)