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Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Fees

The BBSR recovers funding from post award grant funding, collaboration agreements, fee-for-service/chargeable services, and pre-award models.  

  1. Post award: percent (%) effort from an awarded grant to support a BBSR member.
  2. Collaboration agreement: documented agreement between principal investigators, departments, and/or divisions agreeing to a set % effort or dollar amount to cover BBSR collaboration requests.
  3. Chargeable services: requests without pre-established funding for BBSR collaborations.  The hourly rate for is $100 per hour.  
  4. Pre-award work: includes work on grant proposals write-up, protocol development/investigator initiated studies, and letters of intent.  Pre-award collaborations are financially supported by the Cancer Center at no charge provided that the corresponding study budget includes support as a percent (%) effort for designated BBSR biostatisticians and/or bioinformaticians.